• You don't have to be poor to qualify for Medicaid.
  • You may keep a significant amount, if not all your money and property.
  • Properly structured plans can preserve assets while allowing for Medicaid eligibility. 
  • For individuals or families we can be your advocate, and help you plan for, apply for and attain Medicaid and Veterans Benefits.
  • For Attorneys and Advisors we are a full service Medicaid management consulting firm and Medicaid application back office service provider.

Products that Work

Asset Preservation Strategies Medicaid planning & Veterans benefits for nursing home assistance

Medicaid Annuities & veterans benefits

 Asset Preservation Strategies

Asset Preservation Strategies medicaid planning & veterans benefits for nursing home assistance
Asset Preservation Strategies we help Individuals or Attorneys gain benefits for long term care

  • We offer a variety of strategies, services and products that preserve your assets and allow you to qualify for Medicaid.
  • Provide expert assistance in overcoming Medicaid eligibility challenges.
  • We offer financial planning products for those facing long term care.

Services to Help

Qualify for Medicaid