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About Cheryl: Asset Preservation Strategies Medicaid Planning & Veterans Benefits For Nursing Home Assistance

Asset Preservation Strategies & Cheryl L. Fletcher-Docherty 

For more than 23 years, Cheryl L. Fletcher-Docherty has been building a national reputation as a Medicaid Planning Specialist and an expert in Veterans Benefits planning. Cheryl founded Asset Preservation Strategies, whose mission is to help people who need long term care get qualified for Medicaid or Veterans benefits.

She is a sought after expert witness in Medicaid cases and Medicaid "Fair Hearing" procedures nationwide, and she has been a contributor to books that have become industry staples, including: "The Elder LawAnswer Book", by Robert B. Fleming and "Medicaid Secrets", by K. Gabriel Heiser.

More specifically, she is renowned for Medicaid Crisis planning along with her knowledge about Medicaid compliant annuities and related insurance products, and the detailed precision required to apply them to strict, state by state government guidelines. She has shared her expertise with Elder Law Attorneys and their clients, while providing tax-qualified Medicaid Annuity Planning along with Long Term Care Insurance and other areas important to retirees and their families.

As such, she carries the distinction of being an insurance licensee in 48 states, including the District of Columbia - which is unique in the insurance industry. 

Cheryl is an associate member of the American Bar Association, a member of the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants and she holds additional memberships in the National Associaion of Insurance and Financial Advisors, the California Association of Senior Financial Planners and the Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups.

Cheryl is also an advocate for California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform. She accordingly has specific expertise pertaining to her home state in Medi-Cal planning, Medi-Cal compliant annuities, and Medi-Cal single premium life insurance.

With a law firm for many years before founding her own company, APS, Cheryl managed the firm's bankruptcy, trust and Medicaid Planning divisions.

She lives and works in Santa Cruz, California, directing a satellite office in Green Bay, Wisconsin, while providing her expertise to legal and financial professionals, and their clients nationwide.

Asset Preservation Strategies medicaid planning & veterans benefits for nursing home assistance
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