Medicaid Annuities & veterans benefits

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Medicaid Compliant Annuities

Assets above a state determined maximum may have to be spent or eliminated prior to qualifying for Medicaid. A Medicaid compliant annuity is an insurance product. If properly structured, it will allow you to take a sum of money that would otherwise have to be spent on nursing home care, keep it, and turn it into a stream of income that will pay you back over a period of years. Medicaid only allows you to keep a certain amount of assets. The sum of money put into the annuity does NOT count toward the Medicaid allowance. You can keep the annuity amount, over and above, the Medicaid allowance. 

The annuity is immediate, in that it begins paying you back immediately, a fixed, regular, monthly amount. The monthly payment does NOT fluctuate with interest rates or the stock market. The annuity will return the amount invested over the term of the annuity. For annuities over 24 months, there is no fee to you for the purchase or use of this annuity. 100% of what is funded goes directly toward the annuity.

If the annuity is not properly structured, it will disqualify you from Medicaid.

We are a primary source and provider of, and only use insurance companies that supply Medicaid compliant annuities. Don’t trust just anyone. All annuities are not the same. All annuities are not Medicaid compliant. Work with us, and ensure your annuity is properly structured and appropriate for your plan.

You can’t afford to make mistakes. Every day may cost you hundreds of dollars. An improperly structured annuity could cost you your Medicaid qualification and your life’s savings.

You can benefit from our expertise, knowledge, products, resources and compassion. Contact us; you can’t afford not to.