Medicaid Annuities & veterans benefits

 Asset Preservation Strategies

Applying for Benefits

Completing and Submitting the Medicaid Application

Completing and submitting the Medicaid Application itself is a daunting, complex, time consuming process, requiring patience, knowledge of the nuances of the agency's expectations and structure, detailed explanations of the planning, transfers and asset trail, as well as specific calculations and document support. We have prepared, submitted and received approved decision letters for hundreds of clients. We have never received a denial on any of the applications we have submitted and provided follow-up on. The key is the follow-up. There are usually many emails and several phone calls per week in follow-up. If you haven't experienced the give-and-take and follow-up required on these applications, consider yourself fortunate. Allow us to take this burden off of your firm. We charge a flat fee for this service which is customarily passed on to the client. 

Aid & Attendance Benefit for Veterans 

A seldom used and unknown benefit, Veteran's A&A is a monthly, tax-free, income benefit available to Veterans and their surviving spouses. This benefit is misunderstood by Veteran’s Service Officers, and as a result, otherwise qualified applicants are being denied entitlement to this valuable benefit. Our vast planning experience is invaluable when it comes to the misunderstood and misapplied income and asset tests and qualifications. This extra income can be a welcome benefit for families struggling to provide eldercare for loved ones. Under the right circumstances, this annualized medical expense for the cost of family members (excluding the spouse), friends or any other person providing care, could create an additional household income of up to $1,149 a month for a single surviving spouse of a veteran, up to $1,788 a month for a single veteran or up to $2.120 a month for a couple. Ask your clients if they are Veterans; they’ll be glad you did. 

Completing and Submitting the Veteran’s A&A Application 

Unlike the Medicaid application, a Veteran’s A&A application can only be completed by either the local VSO or an authorized VA representative. We are affiliated with such an authorized VA representative. Given the complexity and denial rate associated with A&A applications, we strongly urge all applicants to use a representative. We are happy to make a referral upon request.