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APS can provide your firm Medicaid expertise and back office help

APS has earned a reputation as one of the leading Planning companies in the nation when it comes to Medicaid and Veteran's benefits spend-down planning.

Your knowledge of the legal options together with our products will meet your client's needs and effectuate your plan. Together, we form an ideal partnership.

Utilize our expertise and licensure in all 50 states to provide the review, plan and products your clients need. We are your one-source resource.

We have a 23 year track record which evidences our dedication to staying current with the laws of each state, and providing the products that fit within those guidelines. Our nationwide attorney and financial professional client base relies upon it.

We not only provide the products, but educate your firm, and your clients too if you so desire, as to the characteristics and benefits of the use of Medicaid compliant annuities, tax-deferred and balloon annuities, single premium immediate annuities, long term care insurance, single premium whole life insurance, funeral trusts and burial plans.

Allow us to show you how these often overlooked traditional products can be utilized in your practice in planning situations where you may have not otherwise considered them.

These products can be utilized in many planning siutations outside and apart from Medicaid and Veteran's benefits qualification and the turnkey planning solutions we offer.

In addition to having earned our status as an innovator in these planning areas and being a provider of best-in-class service, we have assumed a leadership role in delivering the necessary tools for elder law, special needs, trust and estate planning and tax attorneys, as well as financial professionals, to successfully advise and guide clients toward their objectives.

Several legal publications, leading financial resources and books rely and contain charts, tables and statistics compiled yearly by Cheryl L. Fletcher, APS's founder and partner.

Our Planning Letters detail and outline how your clients can qualify for Medicaid and Veteran’s benefits while retaining and preserving the largest allowable amount of their money and assets.

As consummate professionals, whether you are looking to merely supplement a client’s plan you are already working on, fulfill a product need or seek a turnkey Planning Letter, we can satisfy your firm’s needs and client’s objectives.

We can be an extension of your firm. Our extensive breath of experience includes 23 years dedicated to the Medicaid planning, Veteran’s benefits and the Insurance industry. These experiences provide us with special expertise, and also an insight into your world, allowing us to be keenly aware of your concerns and desires and your client’s objectives.