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Many of our clients are in a financial crisis as a result of the need for long term care, and are worried about losing everything before Medicaid will help them.

Without proper, strategic planning for Medicaid qualification, the sad reality is that already cash-strapped families will face enormous hospital and nursing home bills on behalf of loved ones in need, and they will likely lose everything in the process. Let's face it: Most of us have no "vast" fortune to fall back on when a medical crisis strikes a loved one. As a result of poor planning, the real tragedy accordingly occurs when entire family legacies are stripped away - sometimes within a few short months or even weeks - because an elderly loved one falls into "the zone" of nursing homes and exploding hospital costs for catastrophic care. 

As a highly qualified Medicaid Planning Specialist of more than 23 years, I have run into this type of tragedy time and again. Yet, I have never lost the passion to prevent it, given enough time for advance planning, or to stop the Medicaid destruction cycle in mid-stream. 

Contact Cheryl at APS to tell us about your situation and we will tell you how we can help.