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Funeral Trusts & Burial Plans

Assets above a state determined maximum may have to be spent or eliminated prior to qualifying for Medicaid. Assets placed in our Burial Plans up to state specified maximum are not counted toward the Medicaid allowance. Burial Plans allow you to pre-fund burial expenses. You can purchase a burial plot within our Burial Plans for yourself, spouse and any and all family members. Assets placed in our Funeral Trusts up to state specified maximum are not counted toward the Medicaid allowance. Funeral Trusts allow you to pre-fund all funeral expenses, including burial. You can purchase our Funeral Trusts for yourself and your spouse. Amounts used for this are over and above the Medicaid allowance. Purchasing Burial Plans and Funeral Trusts from us is an excellent use of funds that would otherwise have to be spent. There are no fees or costs associated for funding our Burial Plans or Funeral Trusts. 100% of what is funded goes directly toward the Plan or Trust. There is no minimum funding requirement; you can invest whatever you’d like up to the state maximum. We can help you determine the correct amount based on your Medicaid qualification needs.

Some of the benefits of Burial Planning and Funeral Trusts:

  • peace of mind for you and your family
  • guaranteed issue - up to age 99
  • growth for inflation protection
  • income tax free death benefits
  • claims are paid next business day - without a death certificate* (*over 98% of claims are paid next business day when all necessary claim documentation in received)
  • portable to any funeral home in the country
  • helps protect funds from all creditors, nursing homes, probate, estate taxes and Medicaid.

Also, at the time of need, advisors are on call 24x7 to guide your family through the entire planning process. This will help your family evaluate all of the options that are available to them. The advisors will also help your family create a dignified memorial service that celebrates the deceased person's life, and helps avoid overspending in the midst of grief by negotiating with the funeral home to help save hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars. They can also help the family make informed decisions about how to use the funds that are set aside to pay for the funeral arrangements.

Ask us how purchasing Burial Plans and Funeral Trusts can be effective, asset saving tools. This type of planning affords great peace of mind for your loved ones and removes a tremendous burden at a very difficult time. Consider its effectiveness.

You can’t afford to make mistakes. Every day may cost you hundreds of dollars. You may save thousands by using Burial Plans and Funeral Trusts as a Medicaid planning tool.

You can benefit from our expertise, knowledge, products, resources and compassion. Contact us; you can’t afford not to.