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Medicaid Annuities & veterans benefits

Staying on top of the latest Medicaid eligibility rules and legislation is a large part of what we do at APS. Our periodic newsletter provides insights into focused topics related to long term care, Medicaid, and Veteran's benefits. Please signup for our newsletter, or read them here.


V17.3 1-7-13 Qualifying your Client with existing Tax Deferred Annuities & Life Insurance

​V16.10 10-15-12 Using Veterans Benefits as a Cost Effective Way to Acquire New Customers
V16.5 12-12-12 Is Insurance The Answer to Long Term Care Planning?
V16.4 12-10-12 Using Veterans Benefits to Acquire New Clients PII
V16.3 12-5-12 Getting Out of a Bad Annuity 
V16.2 10-12-12 Using Veterans Benefits to Acquire New Clients 
V15.1 7-01-12 Working with Elderly Clients in Planning For Their Care 
4-15-2012 Will the Government Pay for my Long-Term Care - V14.2
3-01-2012 Is Medicaid Planning Ethical - V14.1
9-30-2011 Benefits of Medicaid Planning for a Single Person - V13.1
3-03-2011 Tax-Qualified Medicaid Compliant Annuity Plans - V12.1
10-20-2010 PreNeed (Pre-Paid) Funeral & Burial Plans - V11.1
6-03-2010 Whole Life Insurance Policy w/ Minimal Cash Value - V10.1
5-10-2010 Hypothetical Case Example (Veteran in a Nursing Home) - V9.1
4-01-2010 Using Aid & Attendance to Pay for a Nursing Home Stay - V8.1
2-09-2010 Caring for Senior Veterans - VA Long Term Care Benefits - V7.1
12-01-2009 Long Term Care Services from theDept of Veterans Affairs - V6.15
10-05-2009 Meeting the Asset Test for Veteran's Aid & Attendence - V6.14
7-30-2009 Personal Care Agreements - V6.13
5-18-2009 Endowment Life Insurance Contract - V6.12
4-16-2009 Veteran's Pension - The Aid & Attendance Benefit - V6.11
12-01-2008 IRA and Tax-Qualified Medicaid Annuity - Single Individual - V6.9
11-17-2008 IRA and Tax-Qualified Medicaid Annuity - Community Spouse - V6.8
10-14-2008 IRA and Tax-Qualified Medicaid Annuity Payout Options - V6.7
6-12-2008 Medicaid Annuity Planning for an Unmarried Individual - V6.3 
4-20-2008 Medicaid Annuity in the Name of the Community Spouse - V6.2
2-16-2009 Medicaid Annuity & Half-a-Loaf Planning - V6.1
10-01-2007 Annuities & Half-a-Loaf Planning Post DRA - V6.7
9-01-2007 Endowment Life vs. Annuity Post DRA - V6.6

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