Medicaid Annuities & veterans benefits

 Asset Preservation Strategies

Burial Plan and Funeral Trust

There are many benefits to your clients of using a Funeral Trust as opposed to pre-paying a funeral home. They include: Safety & Security: all monies placed in the trust will be available when needed to pay for final expenses Portability: be buried wherever you desire Flexibility: no obligation to spend a pre-set amount and any excess goes back to the estate Instant Availability: liquid funds provide instant access and certainty as the amount available without waiting No other investment that may be set aside for funeral expenses gives them benefits paid directly to any funeral home in the nation, protected from Medicaid spend down, probate, lawsuits, creditors and income taxes, and the benefits of certain services and customer services from the Funeral Trust provider.

Single Premium Whole Life Insurance

Our Simplified Issue Whole Life product is underwritten by an (Excellent) A.M. Best rated life/health insurance company, and was designed specifically for Medicaid spend-down requirements as well as overcoming the limited amount of cash value inside life insurance policies that can be exempted. It is structured to provide minimal cash value, despite having a much larger death benefit. The policy provides the following benefits: the policy is excluded for Medicaid purposes the estate is immediately increased the money will be passed on with no federal tax or probate delays guaranteed death benefit

APS offers a variety of products and resources to help individuals and families of those needing long term nursing home care become informed about their rights, and the rules of Medicaid eligibility, and how you can plan to retain the maximum allowable amount of assets and income while still qualifying for Medicaid. 

Long Term Care Insurance

While designed to help protect assets and preserve independence and quality of life in the event long-term care is required, State Partnership Programs take this concept one step further; Medicaid Asset Protection. A Partnership-qualified policy enables policyholders to protect one dollar of personal assets for every dollar the policy pays out in benefits. The amount of an individual’s Medicaid Asset Protection is equal to the sum of all benefits paid under the Partnership-qualified policy when he/she seeks to qualify for Medicaid. The total assets that can be kept as a result of the Partnership-qualified policy are above and beyond all the regular resource allowances under the Medicaid program, including any assets the spouse may be allowed to keep.

Your clients should consider Qualified State Long Term Care if they: can qualify for coverage can afford the premiums want to protect a substantial amount of their assets want asset protection for a fraction of what is actually protected want to pass assets on

Balloon & Tax-deferred Annuities

While not Medicaid compliant, a useful tool for Veteran's benefits planning. Additionally, quite useful and cost effective in situations with a community spouse when a later Medicaid qualification requires the balloon annuity or tax-deferred annuity be converted to a Medicaid Compliant Annuity without cost or additional fees or loss of principal or income.

Medicaid Compliant Annuities

A Medicaid Compliant Annuity is a Medicaid planning tool offered by a limited number of insurance companies. The Medicaid Compliant Annuity was designed to convert the spend-down amount into a stream of income. Following the conversion of the spend-down amount into the stream of income, with the spend-down amount totally eliminated, the Medicaid applicant then becomes eligible for Medicaid benefits. Our Medicaid Compliant Annuities meet all Federal and State regulations, are DRA compliant and can be processed and issued immediately. Not all agents or insurance companies deal with or are familiar with the strict requirements mandated of Medicaid Compliant Annuities. If done incorrectly, it can cost your client their Medicaid eligibility. There are enough horror stories; don't become one.


APS's founder Cheryl L. Fletcher Docherty has written extensively on the subject of Medicaid and Veteran's benefit eligibility. She has recently written a book on the subject for families called "Turning Medicaid Nightmares into Miracles", which describes what you can do to avoid impovrishment before eligibility. Additionally APS has authored extensive literature, with legal citations where indicative, and examples, illustrations and hypotheticals. Please visit our Resources page for links to down-loadable PDF documents for additional information beyond what appears below.

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