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Individuals and Families in need of Long Term Care

We offer a free first consultation. We start with your story, how you got where you are and what assets and expenses you have. You complete our questionnaire and supply the supporting documentation. We assess where you are medically and financially, determining whether you may qualify for Medicaid or Veteran’s benefits. We compassionately, comprehensively and legally determine your needs and options, to see if your goals can be achieved and whether a plan can be implemented whereby Medicaid or Veteran’s benefits qualification is possible.

We then prepare a Planning Letter. The Planning Letter will contain the facts and circumstances surrounding your needs and financial situation, and will put forth any available options that you may utilize to qualify for Medicaid or Veteran’s benefits. The use of Medicaid compliant annuities, long term care insurance, single premium life insurance, funeral trusts and burial plans may be a part of the suggested options. We are available to review the Planning Letter and answer your questions and discuss the options available to you, in a simple, non-complicated, clear and concise way. 

Once you understand the options and settle on a plan forward, we can assist you in executing the plan. This may include helping you acquire the financial products that help protect your assets and income while allowing you to qualify for Medicaid or Veteran's benefits. 

Most importantly, once your plan is in place, we can apply for Medicaid or Veteran's benefits for you and manage the application process for you. We will initiate the application, and supervise it as your advocate, hopefully through becoming eligible and receiving benefits. We urge you to involve your family, financial and legal representatives in your decision making process.