Medicaid Annuities & veterans benefits

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​Medicaid eligibility can be attained with the right plan, implemented well.

Building and implementing the right plan takes experience and knowledge of the rules, state by state variances in the rules, and legislation affecting the rules. The subject is complex and this is the reason APS's founder Cheryl L. Fletcher-Docherty wrote the book "Turning Medicaid Nightmares into Miracles". Cheryl can be your planner and your advocate. 

To retain assets and income and still qualify for Medicaid or Veteran's benefits takes very careful planning. Many certified financial planners are not aware of the details, and don't understand the rules related to Medicaid. Cheryl has spent a career getting the Medicaid and Veteran's benefits plans details right, and becoming an expert on the rules to the point that she has become a source of data and information for many in the elder care industry.

Planning begins with a questionnaire and then we generate a Planning Letter for you. The Planning Letter we create for you will contain the facts and circumstances surrounding your needs and financial situation, and will put forth any available options that you may utilize to qualify for Medicaid or Veteran’s benefits. The use of products such as Medicaid compliant annuities, long term care insurance, single premium life insurance, funeral trusts and burial plans may be a part of the suggested options. We are available to review the Planning Letter and answer your questions and discuss the options available to you, in a simple, non-complicated, clear and concise way.