Medicaid Annuities & veterans benefits

 Asset Preservation Strategies

Resources Guide 

Staying current on the complex state and federal Medicaid and Veterans benefits policies is what we do. We bring that knowledge to you when we help you, and we bring it to you here by way of our Resources page described below, and with our Newsletters and archive. 

Planning Letter Examples
Examples of the depth and extent of our planning letter which we craft with you. 

State Level Desk Reference
Contact us to obtain access to this area of the site.

Medicare & Social Security Adjustment Charts
Shows what Medicare and Social Security pay. 

Cheryl writes newsletters that bring focus to issues relating to Medicaid planning.

Use these forms to help organize your current information. 

Documents & Articles 
Cheryl's picks for interesting and useful documents, news, publications.

State Medicaid Manuals 
Find the Medicaid manual for the state in which you live.

State Life Expectancy Tables 
Find the Life Expectancy tables used by your state.

Case Decisions & Opinions 
Regarding the use of annuities in the context of Medicaid planning.