Medicaid Annuities & veterans benefits

 Asset Preservation Strategies

Whole Life Insurance

Our Simplified Issue Whole Life product is underwritten by an (Excellent) A.M. Best rated life/health insurance company, and is designed if you want to set aside money to pass on to your family.

The policy provides the following benefits:

  • The estate is immediately increased
  • The money will be passed on with no federal tax, or probate delays
  • Guaranteed death benefit

Assets above a state determined maximum may have to be spent or eliminated prior to qualifying for Medicaid. Additionally, only up to a small face value amount of life insurance may be kept. Our Simplified Issue Whole Life product is structured to provide minimal cash value, despite having a much larger death benefit. This enables you to invest a sum of money into the policy that would otherwise have to be spent on nursing home care, providing an enormous estate planning benefit to your surviving beneficiaries. There is no fee or costs associated for funding a Simplified Issue Whole Life. 100% of what is funded goes directly toward the insurance and death benefit.

Allow us to illustrate how a Simplified Issue Whole Life product can benefit your Plan and your family. Costs and benefits will all be explained via hypothetical illustrations. This type of insurance affords a great opportunity to leave assets to your loved ones. Consider its effectiveness.

You can’t afford to make mistakes. Every day may cost you hundreds of dollars. You may save thousands by using life insurance as a Medicaid and estate planning tool.